Fullmetal Alchemist/ Silver Spoon Mangaka had her third child and the picture she drew afterwards says ‘Human Transmutation Accomplished’

visited BU today

visiting bentley and tufts tomorrow

and then wellesley on thursday

on the way home, i’ll probably visit brown

i wanted to drop by mount holyoke but it’s a bit out of the way at the moment, sadly

i think i’ll go for a run

and literally run away from all my sat, sat ii, and ap exam problems

screw midterms

i just want to hang out with my friends and not do anything



John Finnemore receiving Lemons & Landmarks from thepudupudu at Cabin Pressure Series 4 Recording, 16 December 2012. [WATCH @SHERLOCKBELGIUM]

OMG, there are gifs! Brilliant :-D


What breaks my heart is the thought of the parents of 18 children who have to go back to their empty homes and face the Christmas presents in their closets.

pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known?

my mom met all of my teachers EXCEPT my biology teacher

and i love my biology teacher

lenneonme said: emmy with us, darling /emmy with us/

i would emmy with you but ap bio quiz monday OTL

cumberlord said: oh god last time I checked it was like one.. what?