rec me some movies / tv series?

  1. clinquantstardusts answered: Gilmore Girls, Dead Like Me, Firefly. I’ve heard Suits, Leverage, Burn Notice, and White Collar are good.
  2. bckysteve answered: Ooh! Check out 3rd Rock from the sun. It’s HILARIOUS—and it has a 14 year old Joseph Gordon Levitt in it! ;)
  3. beautifulbrienne answered: I just recently got addicted to Luther.
  4. games-of-thorns answered: Black Books :)
  5. fartinbumberbatch answered: tv series - how i met your mother
  6. annadaarling answered: DARIA !
  7. sugarybat answered: gravity falls
  8. rambunctiouslove answered: Amélie (org Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain), or if you have seen that, Hunting and Gathering (org: Ensemble, c’est tout) I love them!
  9. michindol answered: suits! smash! cardcaptor sakura!
  10. furiousposhman answered: The West Wing is the greatest television show known to man.
  11. hersupersoldier answered: PSYCH! or The IT Crowd
  12. coolkidsdonot-die answered: Wilfred, Game of Thrones, Bored to death, Community, Breaking bad, Perception, The Newsroom, Weeds, Dexter, Dirk Gently, Wonderfalls, ETC
  13. cosimablacks answered: perfect sense or the dreamers. i love eva green.
  14. disapparates said: also two hours could so fit in a movie — so i’m rec’ing black swan, the curious case of benjamin button, and 500 days of summer ok then
  15. assannihilator answered: tv series - arrested development
  16. disapparates answered: suits, once upon a time, atla, breaking bad (haven’t seen myself yet but hear it’s good?), arrested development, community, AND THEN SOME
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