Tiny Hand
name: Luna
age: 18
location: USA
Hello, my name is Luna.

I'm Chinese-American. I'm 5' 4". I wear glasses. I have really, really long black hair.

I have three blogs: a personal blog, a fandom blog, and a food blog. Although I have love for all of them, I post most often on my fandom blog.

I am a chronic multi-shipper and multifandom-goer. Some fandoms I like to dabble in are Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, Doctor Who, Merlin, Harry Potter, and food.

I'm also a big manga/anime fan. I read more than I watch. I love a variety of genres, though my personal favorites at the moment are One Piece, Gin no Saji, and Akagami no Shirayukihime.

Somtimes I make graphics on my fandom blog.

I am foodie. I like to bake and cook. I make food gifs, which can be found on my food blog.

I enjoy listening to indie music. Currently, my favorites are Andrew Belle, The Autumn Film, and Olafur Arnalds.